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The ecosystem for HPC an Quantum Computing in the North

Learn to understand things differently.

Find different solutions for different challenges.

Create the conditions for this. In the North.

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Quantum computing is coming - with power

The most powerful tool. Ignorance and incompetence are a risk and a missed opportunity. Kiel has the potential and the advantages of contributing in-depth application developments.

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Two facts are incentive

Max Planck comes from Kiel. Has laid the foundation for quantum computing. San Francisco is a city partner. Impulses from the Bay Area make people awake and doers courageous.

Illustration: Buildings in Kiel

The ambition has a name: now and here!

An HPC and quantum computer infrastructure is being built in Kiel - clearly application-centered. As early as it makes sense. As a tool for the new regional world economy.

Can Kiel and the North do that?

Example image: data stream

Use resources, raise treasures, retain and attract talent, with a strong international network.

Use resources, raise treasures, retain and attract talent, with a strong international network. QuantumBay is the new Schleswig-Holstein world economy. Completely different. Completely international. Job prospects for young people. Work opportunities for newcomers. Satellite destination for global players looking for talent.

A good basis is already there: data, topics and expertise from scientific marine research, climate, medicine, global economy, mobility & maritime technology.

QuantumBay only thrives in networking
… with the STRING network in the Baltic Sea region, i.e. HH & Scandinavia
… with other initiatives, such as Munich Quantum Valley or Silicon Saxony,
… because openness & exchange creates value faster than old-school competition.

Now, of all times!

Beispielbild: Quantenberechnung

Quantum computing, for example, will completely change today's internet in 5 years.

All crypto systems are put to the test. Far away? Just ask your online banking.

Quantum computing isn't everything. But it paves the way to problem solutions that are unthinkable today. The right tool for seekers, especially when what used to work is no longer possible. We see it as an opportunity for business today in the world: Others will use it to produce other solutions in a different way. Whoever masters this will determine where to go in the next two decades.

QuantumBay now offers the tool, the ecosystem and job prospects. However, what kind of jobs these will be … how value is created there … how value is created there … let your imagination run wild.. And even that is not enough. It will be really new. Let’s also keep in mind that in two decades, some of today's approaches will look really old

Doing teaches best.

Example: Data structure

Computing today is applied mathematics.
Quantum computing is applied physics.

Quantum computing needs constant interaction between algorithm and physics, needs fast iterations in order to maintain the learning momentum - especially in the early phase of application development.

QuantumBay is application development. That is our focus. Our strength. We have the best conditions and connections. A community of international interested parties, talents, experts and doers is emerging in QuantumBay. And algorithm, physics and content-related technicality in direct exchange are always the drivers for added value. So everything becomes possible.

This creates deep-tech jobs that will last. With international pull and the influx of techies. Because they just want to play - to then determine the rules of the game. QuantumBay will be an exciting playing field.

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QuantumBay qualifies on three levels.

No economic subsidies, rather business creation.

QuantumBay is currently an initiative of two individuals from Kiel who, after only a few weeks, were surrounded by a team of experts and a valuable network. The initiators are not aiming to enhance their own entrepreneurial careers, but want to encourage many people to advance jointly. Thus, state and municipal level politicians are involved. Thus, contacts on national and international level have been set in motion. That is why we are talking about possible partnerships with the best. That is why we begin with what is feasible and grow into that which was previously inconceivable - a new regional global economy!

QuantumBay qualifies on three levels.

  • Learn quantum computing.
    Build up the quantum community with external partners and our network from Kiel University of Applied Sciences and Christian-Albrecht-University.

  • Develop and market quantum knowledge.
    For local, national, and global players – in the Academy and for individual projects. Develop a hub and accelerator for quantum startups.

  • Build up quantum operation / data center operation step by step
    HPC environment ... plus simulation Q-C ... plus quantum computers.

By 2030 we want to have achieved five goals.

  1. by 2022:
    Get started as soon as possible. Education / knowledge development / campus with HPC and simulation QC.

  2. by 2024:
    A quantum computer is available in Kiel - accessible to all.

  3. by 2025:
    North German top institutes such as GEOMAR / UKSH / DESY / IfB confirm: "With QuantumBay, we have made more of our data together."

  4. by 2027:
    A new regional world economy is emerging with profitable companies.

  5. by 2030:
    A new regional world economy is emerging with profitable companies.


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